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INFPs are likely to trust INTJs who work to avoid being overly critical of INFPs’ emotions and ideas.Anyways, I wanted to say thank you! I think you did a great job identifying pertinent info and creating some correlations that really resonated with me! Some stuff I haven’t read anywhere else before. Good job!

INTJ Cognitive Functions

Maybe looking at the inferior functions would help? Are you oblivious to others emotions and/or social protocol like an IxTP, or can you ignore and/or overindulge in sensory delight to an unhealthy level like an INxJ? Great article. As an INTP married to an INTJ I find your article to be spot on and at a depth that simply isn’t found on a lot of these personality sites. Thanks.INTJs can feel truly overwhelmed by the world around them. You can feel swarmed by tasks to do and stressed or nervous in busy, sprawling environments. You often prefer to stay detached and to avoid dealing with the real world. Often, you approach the world intellectually or think of ways to avoid going out or doing things for real. You can sometimes hide from the world and relationships if they start to feel too much to handle. No matter what your type and no matter how much of a “Thinker” you are, you have emotions and feelings. Being a Thinker means you use impersonal criteria to evaluate situations, which generally results in putting emotions as a lower priority. But they still exist.Thanks Johnny! I love vetting people for their useful information too. I have actually offended some people with my use of too many probing questions as I try to get to the bottom of something.

INFPs’ ability to consider others’ emotions and INTJs ability to stay focused on a goal can help the two personalities form a well-rounded team.The INTP will possibly ask some questions and come up with some possibilities. The INTJ will ask: “Why would you want to send a polar bear to the ISS?”Accuracy is the Driver process of INTPs, so it’s not uncommon for some INFJs to have confusion around being INFP and/or INTP.My answer was more like: “Why the heck would someone ask such question to that extent? Why choosing that one question over another?”

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I tested several years ago as an infp, but recently retook the the test and got intp as a result. My brother in law is an intj, so i checked out this article. I struggle a lot with being wrong, but hopefully that will change! Профессии для ENFP и INTJ Driver: Introverted Intuition, “Perspectives” Co-Pilot: Extraverted Thinking, “Effectiveness” 10 Yr Old: Introverted Feeling, “Authenticity” 3 Yr Old: Extraverted Sensing, “Sensation”However, there are quite a few traits that makes me doubt myself lately. I like making plans, but I can’t follow them as I procrastinate a ton and lack self-discipline. I realized a year ago that my job doesn’t match me, but I still stayed just because finding a new job is too much of a hustle.In light of the above, we can see why INTJs might test as either the INTJ-T or INTJ-A personality type. We can also see why the addition of the T or A variable may do little to further our understanding of INTJs. The A element, in particular, seems to overlap significantly with the J preference (at least with respect to verbal assertiveness) and therefore verges on being redundant or superfluous.

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Is this off base with your research or could you expound upon it? Seems to me that emotion is not just “emotion”.So I’m conflicted. And of course the answer to the conflict is to compare and contrast and hope someone has something to say that I didn’t think about yet. Which lead me here. To ideas about clothing specifically. Searching Google for “INTP” “interpersonal” and “visual spatial” intelligence led me to your comment. Good to know I’m not the only INTP with highest scores being visual spatial and intrapersonal intelligence. Identification achieved next level of understanding thyself unlocked! LII (INTj) Subtypes. Logical subtype INTj-Ti. Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

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- The Scientist (INTJ) 1) Primary Intuition vs Primary Thinking If I understand this correctly, INTPs would start at data, where INTJs start at ideas. I tend to start at ideas, and then see if there is data that matches those ideas. As I am growing older, I notice I am not that interested in actually finding the data, and prefer that others would do this and come back to me to see if it supports my ideas. As a child, I also had a massive and vivid imagination, and was able to understand abstract concepts and translate them to reality quickly. For example, when I was 5, my father gave me a small booklet on how an internal combustion engine worked. I read it, and said I now knew how it worked. Baffled, him and my brother challenged me, took me outside and showed me a real engine, and I was able to point it all out.

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  2. As one just learning about my INTJ, each article has been enlightening and such a relief to begin to understand who I am and what makes me tick.
  3. The Personality Database is a user-driven, social community based on popular typing methods as the Four Letter Personality types and the Enneatypes. It is home to thousands of real and fictional..
  4. Thanks so much Antonia, loved seeing the different expression of each personality type. As an INTP it is fascinating to know how and why something comes about. And yes, exploration is the situation we must will ourselves towards. The Einstein versus Tesla comparison was a really good way to show that we have to develop true judgment if we want to create effective change in our world. We’ve already got the paradigm down, so let’s prove it and make it both effective and authentic!
  5. INFPs struggle with taking things too personally; INTJs should be patient but can teach INFPs to have thicker skin and accept that others may not always agree with them.
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  7. Feel free to check out the articles on INTPs and INTJs to discover each type’s cognitive function stack and how it influences their type.

INTJ Extroverted Sensing Stress Function

I’ve (almost) always tested as an INTJ but one time I snuck over the line to an INTP. Though I didn’t have time to rationalize it months ago, I decided to seek specific distinctions today. Now I am totally confused which, I believe, is maddening uncomfortable for either type.Thanks for the post Antonia! I am an INTP who occasionally tests as INTJ. I think I share traits with both types, which is confusing since I like things to make sense.Wow! Thank you for such an in depth analysis. I have tested 7 times in the last 10 years, 5 INTJ and 2 INTP. After reading this article, I can truly say with confidence that I am an INTJ. The key verbage was in the differences of how we respond when we are wrong and how vulnerability makes me respond. Wonderful article!Thanks. That makes sense. Yes I love hiking and running trails. I think it is an area I need to find a consistent healthy outlet for as most still keep me in “mind” though music while running helps. I tend to get obsessive with hobbies my one weakness I think. When I love doing something, I do it sometimes to the extreme. Hmmm…guess that’s the 3 year old in me after all.

When an INTP develops into the best version of themselves they are the innovators of new paradigms, literally altering how we understand and see reality.As an INTJ, you can be quite perfectionistic. You often feel frustrated that life doesn’t meet up to your expectations or how you want it to be. You have such a clear idea of what you want and how things should be done, it can feel as if you have to do everything on your own – everyone else will mess things up. But sometimes, not even your own ability is enough, and your critical thinking can keep you from taking action. If you don’t know exactly how to do something, you might not do it at all. And if it can’t be done exactly right, it should not be done at all. Antonia has said in the past that INTPs are usually the ones writing IQ tests. In my experience, Perceivers are better at thinking on their toes than Judgers. Because Mensa is a timed test, it may be harder for a Judger to score well because they feel the pressure of the clock.

Or, do you have a tendency to become obsessed with your own convictions regardless of evidence to the contrary? Do you lean towards self-indulgence and want everything to feel good as opposed to right? (Authenticity 10 year old pointing to INTJ.)There is nothing more powerful and awesome to an intj than for someone else to show us that we have a whole lot more than we knew. Its like been given a new toy and all we wanna do is tinker with it. Much obligedThanks for the comment, Lala! Exploring vulnerability is definitely a path to growth for IJs in general. 🙂

* Wrongdoings, for me, are when “others don’t make sense”. In answer to Daphne’s sister problems, I’d suggest showing her that, when people do or defend an idea we are opposed to, to think of them as people with less information than us. Not that they are stupid, as that is not charitable, but that they do not have the data necessary to reach OUR understanding of stuff. And we ARE usually right-er 😛 ** The emotion was always anger, and a need to hit someone on the head. Discussing polemic issues (hello, nurse! We have so much polemic in this area) was enough for me to consider humanity as a whole doomed.4) Hygiene, personal status and organization Personal hygiene is very high on my list. I won’t go out the door without being properly bathed, and I learned it is ok to not shave for a day (and hardly have any facial hair anyway). I do like status and what car I drive or what impression I make on someone, but that also feels a bit like learned behaviour. The remark “I’ve known INTJs that wished someone would just come along and organize their space for them, but until that happened they were merely going to shut off sensory awareness and not acknowledge the disaster around them.” really hit home though. I thoroughly appreciate a clean and orderly environment, yet I loathe creating it. I bring order when there is no other alternative, but prefer that someone else creates that order. Same professionally – I like a project planning and prefer to have one, but refuse to create one myself as I know I can improvise and do it on the fly anyway. I have uttered the remarks “I’ll take care that someone takes care of me” as a child, which seems telling here as well.Benjamin,I am an INTJ that falls somewhere in between an INTP and I have tested INTP once or twice. Most people won’t realize how deep we contemplate things. When you contemplate things this deeply you know that people can’t be divided neatly into 16 boxes. It seems obvious to me that the dominance of cognitive functions are due to the strength of wiring(white matter) between the different parts of the brain. I test 50/50 for right/left brain dominance and I am willing to bet that you do as well.

When one has a purely theoretical understanding of Myers-Briggs it’s easy to rely on things like, “Oh, the INTJ is a Judger, so they’ll be organized and the INTP will be messy.” INTJs are known as the Systems Builders of the types, perhaps in part because they possess the unusual trait combination of imagination and reliability. Whatever system an INTJ happens to be.. инт. ЛИИ. INTJ. Робеспьер. Аналитик

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  1. If you are aware of your emotions and acknowledge them than you are probably an INTJ regardless of any breakdown. An INTP will be aware of his emotions, but being a completly illogical concept, will attempt to ignore or deny said emotions, hence the eventual breakdown due to an inability to process them in a healthy manner. At least thays how I understand it, but then again i’m a INTP, so i might be missing something there.
  2. INTJ or INTP Test. Based on the Work of Myers, Briggs, and Jung. So you've taken the basic IDR Labs INTJ or INTP Test is the property of IDR Labs International. Ours is one of the few free tests that..
  3. INTJs should invite INFPs to share; while it may be difficult, they should be considerate and accepting of INFPs’ emotions. INTJs need to avoid being overly critical of INFPs.

And the polar bear thing, I thought “hmm. Could be fun”, and my automatically to about how it could be done, and the how the polar bear would eat, sleep and poo in space. INTJs like cats and are like cats emotionally (soulless and distant) and ENTJs If you really want to understand INTJs, buy some Nietzsche books. As far as I'm concerned he was the quintessential INTJ

I am an INTP female married an INTJ male. Lol…, my INTJ husband does all the cleaning in the house and can’t stand it if I do the cleaning. This article is amazing insightful and accurate.Things like desk clutter sure do make me look like an INTP, but I just work better with the things I was just using nearby. When it’s slowing me down enough to be worth cleaning, I clean it.While the service these two types perform for humanity is similar, they help us calibrate to new ways of thinking in different ways.I’m INTP. I will think about the best way to try and solve something and then I’ll just go and do it. Regardless of what everyone else thinks about whatever it is. It’s only my own opinions and actions that matter to me. And actually, even when people around me tell me not to do this or that, I question in my own mind about whether they’re opinion even counts. Sometimes if you don’t take your own risks in life, you may regret not doing so, because one certain risk that I took, saved me from committing suicide. So I was right not listening to other people’s opinions about not going back to the man that I’m with. I just knew in my own mind that if I didn’t at least TRY to talk things out with my man that I would feel much worse as the week went on. Listen to YOUR gut instinct. Never mind what others think of whatever. You have to do what you feel will be the right outcome. There’s no right outcome without taking action first. I don’t listen to the nagging anxiety trying to put me off. I would rather do the right thing for myself then let my anxiety get a hold on me. I’m always like “Don’t tell me not to, because I probably will, and then I’ll prove you wrong!”.This is a little late, but I just wanted to say thank you for providing some nuanced insight into these types. I always test as an INTJ, but I never really bought into it because so many people misunderstand and explain INTJs as misanthropic jerks who are insufferably objective and abbrasive. I like that you distinguish between mature and immature types. This really helps me understand in more detail the things I went through as a child, and also the transformations Ive undergone as an adult. I love people very much, but sometimes I think they believe dumb things, and while Im committed, as you say, to never bullshit myself (seriously my biggest thing), I usually dont think believing those other things makes people uncredible in all aspects of life. People arent forever, and when youve lost people that you were FINALLY, after many years of friendship trying and willing to open yourself up to, you realize how important love is and how vulnerability is the key to that closeness and happiness. You are awesome for pointing this out. Ive never heard anything like this before from an article about INTJs. Also, Im TOTALLY MESSY AND TOTALLY WISH SOMEONE WOULD CLEAN MY SHIT UP FOR ME AHHHH. I’m pretty dedicated to the things I like thinking about and spending my time cleaning seems like the most awful waste of time ever. To be fair, I reeeeeallllyyy love clean spaces, I just cant do the work. So I guess you would say I’m lacking in Effectiveness.

Нейроны и их роль в нервной системе. Теории. INTJ: Архитектор (Интроверт, Интуитивно, Мышление, Судья) 남편 앞에서 강요된 아내

I’m an INTJ, and my older sister is an INTP. I just wanted to say that I think this is the most accurate comparison I’ve seen. What I found interesting is that my sister has more recently been thinking that she might be an INFP because she didn’t know how to explain her emotional outbursts. But this explains her behavior perfectly. I think that 3yr old position will come out more often when someone is a “damaged” version of their personality. Since both come from a more than stressful household, and I have always found my Se to be more prominent than the average INTJ. My sister’s Fe seems more visible, more often, compared to other INTPs that I know.Completely insccurate. You must be an Intp. I am definitely an INTJ and an empath to boot. They are not mutually exclusive. Stop speaking in absolutes, it makes you appear self righteous yet cluelessly simple, not a good look.

English is not my first langage so I am not very aware of how I appear. I love to talk and argue on a lot of subjects with no hard feelings. My words may sound firm but my mind is open 😉 05-25. 56609. 남편 승진을 위해 고군분투하는 아내 H인기글. 보기조아 Can you say a bit more about why effectiveness is where I should be focusing on, instead of practicing and becoming more skilled at handing emotions? Many thanks. NiTe (INTJ). SiFe (ISFJ). NiTe (Intj). SiFe (Isfj). SiTe (Istj)

The INTJ personality type is nicknamed the Strategist. They are private, independent and There are significantly more male INTJs than there are female INTJs, with males outnumbering females nearly.. Over-emotionalism as you describe when people could actually do something about it, makes me annoyed, also.There is a strong idea of what needs to be done and where to go. The INTJ is imaginative and has strong, unshakeable ideas and intuitive perception of things. As iNtuitive Judging types, they work hard and think long term about how to realise their ideas, and try hard not to lose focus or get distracted. Because life can be shaky and upsetting, and because you can’t plan for everything, the INTJ can feel nervous and heavy: they must be able to account for and anticipate every possible shakeup or consequence. 

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It might be a huge undertaking, and I’m not sure what I am exactly suggesting you do here, but, I would love to see an article with this level of discernment pinpointing how each type could go about identifying each other type. I always see people wanting to identify types. Maybe that would be too broad? The cognitive functions could be more specific!?… hmmmm. Gah, I’m still typing? /novelTo embellish, I found the test and hit INTJ several times over the course of two years. Never did it slip to another. Then after a long year, I tested again (twice now) as INTP. Also, what books/textbooks should I read to have a very deep, fundamental understanding of all of this?But I will share this: There was a period of my life that I sought professional therapy for depression, and I was prescribed an antidepressant, which I agreed to take. After a year, I found that my ability to find even a modicum of “joy” in my life had been erased. My ability to conjure up a modicum of sympathy or empathy for others was reduced to zero.I’d like to suggest making an article on INTJ vs. ISTP, a common mistype and question, and a part of my problem of finding my type.

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Like Authenticity users (as mentioned in the INFP vs INFJ article), if the audience isn’t getting it an INTP can become (in order) confused, frustrated and ultimately cynical. There is always some insecurity about others invalidating their arguments and conclusions, but instead of staying in the realm of hurt (as an INFP may), the easiest solution is to just assume everyone else is an idiot. Infj. Infp. Intj. Intp. Isfj (When an INTJ is In the Grip it shows up as childlike self-indulgence – too much food, alcohol, sex and/or any other favorite expression of sensory pleasure.)I had several tests and always got an INTP. I mean, I am an INTP and I know it… You described me very well in your post. But you described me very well when you talked about INTJ type too: I think I am a lovely hybrid.

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I would argue that sigma, beta (and alpha, et al) are emergents of the entire system of personality running. One’s Myers-Briggs type is a single node in that system. An equally important node would be one’s Enneagram subtype. INTPs and INTJs can be, say, social subtypes in the heart center which would radically alter how they show up in comparison to other INTPs and INTJs.On the other hand, I have a female INTJ friend who has worked on creating a specific image for herself that draws attention because it is the effective thing to do for the lifestyle she has chosen.Victor, great comment. I find myself in a similar quandary, having tested as both INTP and INTJ (my guess is due to the differing semantics of the questions and my interpretations thereof.) I’ve been disappointed with the various explanations of what an INTJ or an INTP ‘is,’ so I decided to explore the roots of Jungian typology (which MBTI evolved from.) Both Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers place importance on the more fluid nature of typology (type as an orientation, not a destination,) which seems to make things a bit clearer. What I mean by that is this: perhaps you are an INTJ who has learned certain Perceiving habits through environmental (social, familial, cultural) influences, or like myself, perhaps you are an INTP with learned Judging behaviors (but not innate, an important distinction.) It might be interesting to figure out how you answer the type indicator questions (this is what I should/usually do, this is what I want to do, etc…) Added to this concept of learned behavior, Jung talks about the Shadow Self, those hidden qualities that must balance out our extraverted tendencies. How do our shadow selves reveal their personalities in daily or high stress situations? Hope you’ve found some sense of fulfillment and comfort in your quest to understand yourself, cheers! (I’d love to hear if you’ve had any more thoughts in recent months about your type and its significance to you!)

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  1. d.
  2. dwiring level. This helped me understand long-standing conflicts between myself and a mentor, focusing my attention on what is really material to personal growth as opposed to what I simply find confusing.
  3. dedness” it all made sense. I definitely do not shy away from someone’s thoughts, no matter how dark or hard they may be.
  4. g back, kind of like a loyalty check that has the purpose of verifying the intentions of someone.
  5. I’m reaching my thirties in the next year or so, and have been consciously work on developing my 10 year old (introverted feeling) and 3 year old (extroverted sensing) functions for the last 4 years. In this way, I’ve come to be a little less defensive in my life so I don’t feel a constant need to protect my very sensitive internal self from at least the people close to me. Though I will say, I’ve crafted a life that literally shuts out anyone or anything that I don’t actually want distracting or creating emotional distraught in my life. More on that below.
  6. ant or the driver function.
  7. If you’re an intp, you will be very insecure about how other people feel (Fe inferior) and will feel guilty if you hurt someone unintentionnally. intj have no clue about how people feel (Fe trickster).

INTJ Personality: Characteristics, Myths & Cognitive Function

(Also worth noting, I think that most INTJs function from a general low-level irritation most of the time. We’re really fast thinkers, and it’s frustrating to live in a world where other people don’t tend to think at that same speed or depth. After almost 30 years of living like this, you can pretty much master shielding that irritation, or you can be known as a serious asshole. And assholes tend to live very difficult lives. So.) That’s because INTPs lead with a judging function, Introverted Thinking (which we’ve nicknamed Accuracy). INTJs lead with a perceiving process of Introverted Intuition (our term Perspectives). Even if there is no creature around to perceive it as a sound, any action has a reaction, the tree falling will generate an impact whether you exist or you don’t, that’s how the whole universe works.Again, thanks for the article Antonia. I also really like how you renamed the cognitive functions to something more intuitively understandable.I am an INTP and I first thought….. “Well, empty out some equipment designed for the men, make a bear sized harness and Blastoff!!!!

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My 3Yo old (Sensation) is also happily asleep in the back seat. Adding ‘eternal damnation’ to the list of cons really helps one to stop over-eating; more so than the mere knowledge that it is unhealthy (both physical and mentally). But now I jest…If this is still not clear to you, I can give you more exemples because the way morals, ethics and social norms are perceive are influenced too by Fi and Fe. That means more intp and intj differences 🙂 Have a good day!

However, when emotions are pretty exaggerated, I detach and could not appreciate. Such actually annoy me. I find them unnecessary unless they change things and events, for I see a lot of emotional people but are stuck in the status quo. What’s the point of being so expressive when you’re not changing things?Just that when I read about other types, I think back and wonder about my personality, and how it’s changed. It seemed to have been more of an ISTP personality when I was pre-teen, more of INTP as a teen, and into my twenties when I began to take life more seriously I felt more like an INTJ! But, I imagine this has something to do with learning to fit into professional and academic environments? I’ve noticed that, to fit in and make anything of myself I’m gonna need to adapt and fit in. It doesn’t feel permanent, though. At times I just feel like I could understand or be just about any type, or at least imitate any of the cognitive functions. Отмена. Месяц бесплатно. INTJ 모여라! INTJ가 보는 INTJ는 어떨까? 닥터코코DR COCO. Опубликовано: 30 окт. 2019 г. INTJ 성격에 대해 설명드리겠습니다 Key Intelligences: Existential Intelligence, Speculation Intelligence, Systems Intelligence, Analytical IntelligenceIt’s been said by some that both INTPs and INTJs can come across arrogant, which I think is a surface understanding of what’s going on with both types (even when they’re at their “I’m going to strangle you now” worst).

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  1. Also – have you listened to our podcasts on the types? If not, those may be a good place to start as well. They’re long form deep dives into the types, so they may shed some light.
  2. Good article. Explains some of my challenges. I test as a INTJ usually, but will slide over to INTP on occasion. At work people never understood, I wasn’t arguing- I was making sure we had looked at all the options. I wasn’t angry, just didn’t feel everything had been considered. LOL
  3. If a tree falls in a forest, what we “perceive” as sound will be produced whether we are around to hear it or not.
  4. While the INTP is for more likely to seek to ‘dress the part’ as a way of fitting in, and won’t hesitate to use their appearance to achieve a status they are trying to convey.
  5. Shoot darn submit button. Ugh… that last quote had me laughing so hard!! “The context changes the content, and so if they don’t know why you want to know they can’t produce the data.” HOME RUN! ! Out of the ballpark! You clarified something not only could I not put into words, but no one seems to get whether you explain or not!!

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INTJ,这是我第一个写的理性主义者,虽然因为自身的关系对NT的理解还不够深刻,不过我将之作为一种挑战来尝 INTJ,所有个性类型中最深刻,最具有独立精神,最高瞻远瞩和最具有怀疑精神的类型 For an INTP, the outer world isn’t where thoughts are vetted. In fact, INTPs couple their Accuracy with Extraverted Intuition, or what we call “Exploration.” The world outside of themselves is where intriguing new patterns are observed, and it’s up to them to make sense of what those possibilities could mean.Speaking as an INTP married to an INTJ this article is absolutely spot on. I’ve learnt a few things about my other half too!I, too, offer responses that may challenge normative thinking and stymie others without really intentionally doing so. My mother (ISFJ) once said, “Honor your mother and father” and I said, “What if your father is Ted Bundy? Should that parent be honored, too”? Why do I do that? It comes naturally and feels like an itch that might result in a stimulating conversation. Please share more about your inclinations. How is your personal life? (if you don’t mind sharing some) Thanks, Cecilia INTJ: ISTJ의 재고리스트에 비효율적인 부분이 있다면서 지적한다. ENTJ: ISFJ가 SOS를 써놓은 조가비를 몰래 거진 뺏어와서 13층짜리 야자수 호텔을 27 '살림남2' 강성연 남편 김가온,. 하락5

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BTW, I watched the movie Silicon Valley, and that guy(INTJ) in the example image above didn’t seem like INTJ to me. He is more like the BETA subdivisions. or maybe immature INTJ.Understanding each type’s relationship with their Feeling process isn’t just a great tie-breaker when profiling yourself or others, it’s also an important way to hold space for a loved one who may be one of these two types.One day I’d had it and made fashion the obsession. I looked at, poured over, and collected thousands of pictures. I read books and blogs and studied systems. Finally, I developed a system for me. awesome. On grooming I feel that more INTPs are Metrosexual than INTJs, which is related to INTP’s sexual attitude of being the chased one, or the “trophy”. So it’s more common to see an INTP on more uncommon style, or with a considerable degree of effort in that regard, or with clothes that convey a clear message, like ‘look I’m an unemployed student of philosophy’ . INTJ on the other hand does not seem to take clothing and haircut so serious. I see some of them playing more with clothes and haircuts on their youth, but then sticking only with the necessary to cause the desired impact when older, like a sweater. SO an INTP may incline their style to look like an urban person on a big city, while an INTJ may incline to look like a regular person on a sunday afternoon (which could also be related to their playful sexual attitude, as “hey, I’m easygoing..” )We don’t shoe horn people into types to deal with them. We help people find their best fit types so they can have an action plan to personal growth and happiness. If personal growth is not your thing, that is fine. But rejecting typology systems en masse just because you don’t personally resonate with them is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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I wish I could edit this… I’m a perfectionist. Can you please change ‘subtlety’ to ‘subtle’ and take out the comma and replace it with and, in the second to last sentence? Yes I have OCD. It’s just a pet-peeve. If not oh-well… I guess I’ll have to live with it.. Even though I admit it bothers the shit outta me.With INTJs, I see a personality type that can attain an almost surreal level of perfection and excellence in their craft. Truly able to push themselves, they take extreme amounts of responsibility, and are very easy to rely on. If an INTJ says “I’ll handle it.” you can trust you’re in good hands. INTJs like to be studied and well-read and will hoard knowledge about a topic. Love this, especially the part about personal hygiene. My brother is an INTP and I am an INTJ. We always got along really well until high school, when I started analyzing social interactions. I realized that if I ever wanted anyone to take me seriously or listen to what I had to say, I needed to play the game a little. I started dressing nicer, wearing makeup, smiling at people, etc. I think my brother felt like I was being intellectually dishonest and becoming one of the “stupid people” (in his mind) who only care about the way they look. He went the complete opposite direction and decided not to waste his precious mental resources on shaving or cutting his hair all through grad school. One day he came to visit me and expressed that his life was really pretty good, except that he wished he could find a girlfriend. I offered to cut his waist-long hair for him. He was skeptical – I don’t think he believed there was any connection between his appearance and him not having a girlfriend. And perhaps there wasn’t, I guess I can’t prove it, but six months later he met his wife. I dunno, it sure seems like it was effective 😉 Perhaps we could design an experiment to chart the correlation between hair length and romantic relationship length, haha.

INFJ / INTJ relationship? : intj

  1. imum to be accepted by Mensa. Or only INTP are the Mensa guys?
  2. I absolutely love this! I read it and laughed so hard – it’s so on point it’s humouring! Great post, helped SO MUCH to put into words some of the things true about me. #INTJ
  3. That’s an interesting thing about type; it’s not necessarily always how you act, and your real type is set inside and will not go away, even if you aren’t expressing it very clearly. I had a huge mental block about my feelings being of genuine importance, but they did not let up.
  4. If a tree falls and noone heres it it DOES NOT make a sound. Figured that out years ago. Quantum Physics has been proven, look it up. I must digress, I choose both. I acknowledge I am here for the ride and practice those habits as best I can, however I am not only extremely logical, but very spiritual as well. Different strokes for different folks. Only naivety would suggest otherwise. “Your opinion is not my reality” 😉 Everything else was cool to read tho. Glad I’m not the only one with unusual traits.
  5. dmates then the INTJ INFJ couple could be described..

The term “INTJ” is by no means a new notion, having first been advanced by Myers and Briggs in the mid-20th century. Of course, Myers and Briggs were reliant on the seminal work of Carl Jung, who first described the introverted intuitive type in his 1913 classic, Psychological Types.In case anyone is wondering, I am an INTP with very less qualities of an INTJ. Hoping to improve even more to become betterNice article. I think just cant seem to find enough information to determine who I am between the INTP and INTJ because test can’t seem to help, my results are always randomly INTP or INTJ. Though the more I search to find out where I really belong the more I feel anxious and afraid that if I found out I was one I would lose the characters of the other I posses. If you can help:How people are “useful” to me – my unconscious motivation in engaging them – is ALWAYS “the data they hold”. Once I uncover that I can either share my limited knowledge on the subject, or learn more about it from them (and usually both, with the latter being far more mentally stimulating).When I was teaching, before my first school year, the teaching staff was administered this test. I tested out as INTJ/P. The people administering the test told me that my personality profile is rare. That might explain why I always had problems relating to most of my classmates in high school. I found them boring.

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  1. I hope this helps anyone else who deals with an INTJ in their life, and especially those INTPs who struggle to give space to their INTJ partners.
  2. Логико-интуитивный интроверт — «Аналитик» (Робеспьер, INTJ). Описание по функциям
  3. INTJ. 12,352 likes · 97 talking about this. Myers-Briggs personality type. Based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung. Please visit our affiliated..
  4. I forgot to ask, why do you say “not every INTJ is at the same level of health or development?” I don’t hear you saying that sort of thing on other videos.
  5. Thank you for all your work in this area, Antonia! I must say I’ve become a big fan of personality studies lately, and I appreciate your articles and videos. I tested as INTJ about 1.5 yrs ago and it clicked so strongly that I haven’t really done any additional testing since. I’ve been asking the people I know if they’ve taken this sort of test and, as always, the spreadsheet and tons of internet research were borne. Most recently, I read that for an INTJ to find the MBTI, is the first time to feel understood, and I agree. I feel that I could go on and on and on, but I really just want to say that my boyfriend tested as ENTP, and while he thought the test was a waste of time, I surprised him with the test a month later, and sure enough, he was ENTP again. Some say it’s worthless, some say it’s incomplete, but I say there is truth here. Keep it up =D

INTJs like to work with challenges that occur in the moment -- the ones right before their eyes. If you want to see an INTJ in top form, watch them respond to changes in travel plans INTJs really fret with inefficiency, e.g. when they underperform somewhere, when there’s a waste of resources (time especially, as well as money and skills to some extent), when the best plan or opportunity wasn’t seized, etc.That’s how my ESFJ wife sees my study, but though she is distressed by the books I am still referring to lying around, and can see neither rhyme not reason in the double-stacked ordering of my books, nor could she see the joke about: “Dad, would you like a book for Christmas? No thanks, I’ve already got one”. The point being, intuition using the visual rather than aural facilities of the brain, where she has to know where to look to literally see where a book is, I can imagine a book and kinetically feel where it is located. Robert Pirsig tells a nice story in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycling Maintenance” contrasting tidy and untidy workshops, and the guys in the untidy ones being completely thrown if someone moves anything.

Depends on your perception and understanding of creative does it not? I would say you are immensely creative by being here. Man I hate the English language. Devils tongue I say! Too open-ended. Whoever made this language up had bad intent. Hebrew and Latin was fine. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. And definitely don’t improve it whilst secretly having bad intent. Ugh.. hehGreat article. I started out life as an ENTJ (18) and as I got older tested out as an INTJ (30) and now as I am even older (48) I now test as a INTP. As I reflect on the changes, I think in reality I was probably always an I, but was fooled by my what I wanted to believe about myself at the time. Regarding the swap from the J to the P, I believe this is a softening or breaking down of the rules. As the article stated at the end INTJ’s are more prone to dressing for the Part, which I had always done with great ambition, but now that I am older, I really do not care. Either take me as I am or not. I am also much less rigid about proving out Theory’s. When I was younger and you had asked me the Falling Tree Question I would have said we would have needed to set up test to prove it one way or another. Now I say, how do you know the tree fell? Maybe it was placed there? Maybe it was sucked out by a tornado and landed in such a way that the tornado made the sound. How do we know there is even a tree out there? 😉A.J. is a four-time author and recognized authority on personality typology. He founded Personality Junkie® in 2009 which has since grown to see over three million annual visitors. His work has been referenced in numerous publications and he currently boasts the two best-selling INTP books worldwide. Read A.J.'s bio here.Check out this book, it helps one to understand the selfhood on a whole new level, not by giving you ready answers, but by helping you to find those answers from where they are at. It’s revolutionary, life and world changing, a must read! Thursday, March 5, 2020. so it's true when they say INTJ's are rare lol. any INTJ around here? \

This was extremely informative and for the most part, I couldn’t see any real flaws about how it relates to me (INTJ). I’m not quite sure where I’m at on the maturity level as of yet, 2017 has been a pretty dicked up year as far as depression for myself, so I find myself constantly questioning myself, what I want, ect.The insecurity lies in just how amazingly vulnerable they are to others. For a hardcore Thinker, it’s incredibly disconcerting for the INTJ to realize they are wired to be sensitive without the benefit of commensurate (natural) emotional intelligence.

INTJ: I was frustrated and also excited at the same time so instead of expressing everything I INFP x INFJ: Speaks like they're from another dimension. INTP x INTJ: You always think they know more.. I keep an “antenna” out for all conversations and questions all the time, even when I’m in my own world. The only thing for me that I don’t catch is the time! So I can be late for appointments but always aware of what’s around me to some level.This is why INTJs must pair their Driver process with the Co-Pilot of Extraverted Thinking, or “Effectiveness.” The only way to truly know if those patterns have merit is if they play out in the ‘outer world’. If they work, awesome! That was a great new pattern. If they fail, then it’s back to the internal drawing board.I have heard that mental disorders/conditions may make typing someone difficult- I have female Aspergers as well as manic depression/adhd/severe anxiety+stress disorder/ epilepsy- so maybe that might play a key in why Im not easily able to be typed? How valid is that statement about the disorders/conditions?David, the test itself is part of the problem. Since the INTP leads with Ti and follows it with Ne, but the INTJ leads with Ni and follows with Te, they are radically different kinds of thinkers. The spectrum questions need to be refined to more clearly identify cognitive functions, because in your case, J-P makes a huge difference in how to interpret your temperament.

Clothing for INTJ v. INTP how does it work? Not sure. But I do have a system for dressing. Before I share – let me backtrack. That was a wonderful article….I am an INTP who used to think I was an INTJ. I have been studying all aspects of Carl Jung’s psychology intensely for 2 years now. I think you did a great job and show a remarkable knowledge of these types…Thank-you.INFP (probably, different tests gave me different results – ENFP, INTP, INFJ and even ESTP once)Pushing themselves to learn new skills and to experiment and test out different ideas. INTJs need a healthy push and challenge from the tribe. If people around them can challenge their ego and intellect, and provide them with healthy challenge and intellectual stimulation, they can rise as true Innovators. People that rose to the occasion to do something truly excellent and unique.

So I’m not sure if this is an INTJ or INTP or simply neurotic thing bUT I’d love to hear what people have to say.#1: They have to be made of particular cloth, generally cotton or wool. My skin is dry & sensitive, & it snags on synthetic cloth (esp. microfiber), which makes my skin crawl & is just about torture. Makes me a little sick just thinking about it. Si thing? Although woven nylon or the like (e.g. parachute cloth) is OK for a jacket. INTJ. إنطوائي، حدسي، عقلاني، صارم. واحد من أندر أنواع الشخصيات، اذ حسب دراسة أجريت على عينة من الشعب الأمريكي، فإن 2٪ من الناس فقط من يملكون هذه الشخصية

I was interested in your reaction on 13 Apr 2015, Antonia: “I know way too many INTJs surrounded by chaos in their work space.”In my view, the REAL difference lies in WHAT exactly makes each type realise that they are vulnerable. -INTPs realise that they are vulnerable when EXTERNAL FACTS collide with their UNDERSTANDING of reality (See A. Einstein who REFUSED to accept the concept of Entanglement in QM vs Niels BOHR) =Ti/Si over-defensive reaction. -INTJs realise that they are vulnerable when EXTERNAL FACTS collide with their VISION of morality (See N. Tesla who REFUSED to give up on his A/C invention vs Thomas EDISON) =Ni/Fi over-defensive reaction.As context, my flow state comes during design sessions with CAD. During TIG welding, weight lifting, and video games, I also gain flow. This works for my current profession as a designer using CATIA regularly. Then, you mention the (apparent) “dichotomy” that stems from not wanting to be “wrong” vs “vulnerable”. The FACT is, for all INTx types, whose lives are devoted to the “ultimate” invention/truth/understanding/creation and who invest most of their time AND mental energy into single-minded intellectual pursuits, being wrong = being vulnerable. Because once you realise that you have a perception/fact that is wrong, then you start to think “to what extent is everything else in my mind true/false?”. Despite the fact that INTJs are perceived to be highly rational types, their dominant function is actually intuition, or more specifically, Introverted Intuition (Ni). This suggests that INTJs are far more receptive than they are often given credit for. Their first goal is not to define or impose order on things (T), but to attune to the insights of their intuition. What intuition offers INTJs is an understanding of the bigger picture, as well as how that bigger picture comes to bear on a particular problem or situation. Their intuition operates like a funnel: It starts with a broad swath of information from which it can then extract a convergent insight or answer appropriate to a specific context or problem. We discuss this process in greater depth in our INTJ personality profile.

Yes. I wish I had someone to organize all my mess. Too lazy and egoistic to do it on my own. But the day its too messy for my standards when I enter my workstation I pick up all the tools (see it was important to mention this picking up part to show how painful it feels when I actually have to take care of all the details of the task on my own) and start cleaning the place in a way that would make my family proud. Even if its the first thing in the morning.1. INTPs are more emotionally expressive than INTJs in conversation due to their inferior Fe. While both types are calm and reserved by default, INTPs who are actively engaged in a conversation that interests them can become quite animated. There may be lots of variation in tone of voice, rapidly changing facial expressions, and gesturing. INTJs, on the other hand, tend to speak in a relatively flat, unvarying tone and give away little of what they feel (Te-Fi). They can have an immobile, mask-like facial appearance that makes them hard to read.Because both are Thinking types – meaning, they both make decisions based on impersonal, analytical criteria – it’s important to both INTJs and INTPs to be intellectually honest. And while both have this same desired outcome, there’s an important nuance between the relationship each has with data.

Love your stuff, Antonia! Keep it up! I’m glad you’re showing some love to INT*s. It’s hard being an IN** in an ES** world.INTJs and INFPs are both introverted, intuitive types, who prefer to spend time alone and think creatively. However, INTJs favor logical thinking and organization, while INFPs favor emotional thinking and adaptability.By the way What is your conception on these two Types and their view on religion… Because I would like to explain to my mum the reason behind me being an atheist but without hurting her feelings with my honesty… :/

Alternatively, when an INTP matures they stop seeing hygiene and personal grooming as “being under the thumb of society” and more as a way to connect with other people. They dress for leverage, or self-expression, or a number of other perfectly acceptable reasons to attend to their appearance.ser intj é como viver em um mundo a parte, as coisas q pessoas comuns fazem p mim são banais. É como estar na Terra mas mente está no universo. É querer discutir teorias e só ter pessoas que querem falar sobre bobeiras. è como se minha criatividade e inteligência estivesse aprisionados em um mundo com pessoas estranhas, quando você é visto como o estranho.These articles are always amusing .. it seems like the INTP’s and INTJ’s are the ones taking all these temperament tests while the rest of humanity traipses through their daily routine of 9-5, gym, sportsball, nightcap, nookie, then bedtime. Reading of INTP characteristics and all these stories from other INTP people has been interesting! And makes a lot of sense to me as I look at my own life….. ‘doesn’t give a rats’….. pretty much sums up how I see people generally and the power estimation bloke, yup, totally relate. It just scares people frankly, to let them see how my mind really works 😉 so I tend to just avoid social situations these days. Thanks for the article!Aaaand you have a program dedicated teaching people how to speed read others, already. Awesome, that was quick!Thanks for this. I’m an INTJ who often tests as INTP. I think it comes down to seeing some of the traits of the INTP as the ideal, but not behaving that way in practice.

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