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Backpacking around South-East Asia is party central. Planning a trip around Southeast Asia? I'd recommend picking up a copy of the Southeast Asia on a Shoestring Lonely Planet (Travel Guide) Hey, really useful post here! Loved the way you broke down and explained all the prices in the different countries. Super useful, Thanks! 🙂For the costs just try to estimate how long you’ll be in each country, multiply by estimated daily budget, and add the cost of your flights. There’s not much more I can do without knowing your trip duration or travel style! But you can make a back-of-the-envelope calculation based on info here and elsewhere online.Various Indian languages are also spoken by much of the Indian diaspora in the former British colonies of Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar, the most widely spoken of them being Tamil, which is one of the official languages in Singapore. Due to a long history of Indian influences in the region, many Southeast Asian languages, including Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Lao, Burmese and Khmer contain many loan words from Sanskrit.

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Domestic passenger ferries link various islands in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia and the Philippines, but safety regulations are often ignored, boats overloaded and sinkings are not uncommon. Be sure to inspect the boat before you agree to get on, and avoid boats that look overcrowded or too run down. For two people sharing, a good rule of thumb is $60/day for two people, averaged across the region. You’ll typically save some money by sharing things like taxi rides or accommodation.Malaysia is blessed with excellent roads, trains, and travel infrastructure. Kuala Lumpur is a thriving capital, and there are plenty of islands for getting away from it all.

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Hi Marek! This is awesome!! Now I feel my nerd research before travelling is not at all alone! Lots of work for me to process all this info though! So thanks a lot for saving me heaps of time.Once home to the powerful Khmer empire, Cambodia is still recovering from the effects of numerous wars. Regardless, locals are among the friendliest you'll encounter in Southeast Asia.Be aware of various scams when crossing national borders. If someone offers to help you obtain a visa for the next country, or tries to direct you to a "health check", you can be certain that that person is trying to scam you. In Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, it is not uncommon for immigration officers to ask for bribes to stamp you in or out of the country; this is not a problem at airports, but bribes of US$1-3 per person are often demanded at land borders.

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Wrapped in rainforests, edged by golden sands, crowned by volcanoes, studded with ruins of lost civilisations: this is Southeast Asia as you’ve always imagined it.Love of the spicy chilli is also shared throughout the region, and many of its most famous dishes incorporate chilli whether as a core ingredient or as a separate garnishing, from Thai curries and tom yum soup to the Indonesian beef rendang to Malaysia's assam laksa to Cambodia's amok. The unsuspecting diner may end up downing glass after glass of water to try and quench the burning sensation, but the local advice is to drink hot tea instead. Asking the cook to tone down the spiciness will not always work, and often your eyes will water when eating an adjusted version even as nearby locals happily slurp down their meals. Chilli is just one of the many spices used in Southeast Asian cooking, with lemongrass, tamarind and cloves popular choices to lend strong aromatic flavours to dishes. Southeast Asia's culture is dominantly influenced by the Arabs, Indians, and Chinese as well as its former colonizers. Thai, Burmese, Cambodian and Lao culture is heavily Indianized while Vietnamese culture is heavily sinicized. Indonesian cultures are also influenced by both the Indians and Chinese but with a touch of Arab culture due to the large Muslim populations while Bruneian culture is heavily arabized. East Timorese culture is influenced by the Portuguese and the Malays. Filipino culture is heavily influenced by Malay, Indian, Chinese culture as well as American and Spanish, making it the most westernized nation in the region. Malaysian and Singaporean cultures are a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and British culture. Nevertheless, Malaysia stands out as the center of diversity in the region as it also influenced by Thai from the north, Indonesian from the south, Filipino from the east, Arab, Persian, Turkey due to large Muslim populations, former colonizers like Portuguese, Dutch that have resulted to various small but significant communities of Baba Nyonya(Malay-Chinese), Chetti Melaka(Malay-Indian), Kristang(Malay-Portuguese), Jawi Pekan(Malay-Arab-Indian), Chindian(Chinese-Indian), and Sino-native(Chinese-Kadazan/Dusun/Murut) that are uniquely Malaysian. Vanilla Sky is a unique, full-service travel and leisure company offering a wide range of products and services both in Georgia and around the world. Mtskheta is the travel hub of Southeast Asia

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  1. Southeast Asia is home to some of the world's most vibrant, dynamic cities: Bangkok, with its ornate architecture and youthful energy; the street food Valhalla that is Singapore; electric Kuala Lumpur..
  2. These figures are all based on staying in cheap hostels or hotels (where it is cheaper to do so) and eating/drinking in budget or local restaurants and bars. It allows for a bit of partying. However if you’re going out getting drunk almost every night you will struggle with this!
  3. Entry fees for national parks or UNESCO sites such as Borobodur or Prambanan increased a few years ago. It typically was just a few dollars, but nowadays it’s around $10–15 (for international visitors only). 
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Plan a Southeast Asia vacation with TravelStore.com. Travel through Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam Contemporary flair with a distinctly Asian feel makes Singapore the ideal gateway to Southeast Asia.. Fantastic article! My boyfriend and I are traveling to Southeast Asia this September and I am in the process of figuring out our budget. This article is very helpful so thank you for posting! I do have a question for you regarding accommodation; if it is a couple, would you say that the price would be the same for each individual or would you say it would be slightly cheaper?Not sure which country you’re from (as things can be different depending on your passport), but instead of a multi-entry visa for Thailand you could just get a visa-on-arrival twice.The entire town of Luang Prabang was declared a UNESCO World Heritage City; the pleasant atmosphere along the Mekong River is relaxed and peaceful.On a longer trip, you might not do (paid) activities literally every day, so that also pushes the overall cost down a bit.

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Cut down your Southeast Asia Travel Costs. Get a Revolut card before you travel to Southeast Asia in order to avoid hidden charges by paying for things directly in the local currency in Thailand and.. Opportunistic theft is more common, so watch out for pickpockets in crowded areas and keep a close eye on your bags when travelling, particularly on overnight buses and trains.

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  1. If you’re a party backpacker, you may be aghast to learn a half-liter beer costs about $3.50 and immediately scuttle back to Thailand. Though Malaysia is generally a more conservative country and not a party destination anyway. If you’re in Malaysia for the cultural sights or looking for a hammock on a quiet beach, then you’ll surely feel right at home.
  2. (The US Dollar is the reserve currency in most countries and widely accepted in Cambodia and Vietnam)
  3. gled physical elements: mountain..
  4. Remember there are still going to be quite a few extra expenses on top of this in terms of sorting out flights to/from the region, vaccinations and travel insurance. The latter can be quite costly but is important and you can get a quick quote from backpacker specialists World Nomads here:
  5. ent mosques include the Istiqlal Mosque in Central Jakarta (the largest mosque of the region, with a capacity of 200,000), the Blue Mosque in Shah Alam, and the Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan.

Southeast Asia on a Shoestring, Lonely Planet: We used this guidebook through most of our travels in Southeast Asia. It's geared towards backpackers, so lots of budget travel options. Be sure to get.. Having been on numerous Southeast Asia diving trips and accumulated over 2,000 dives in Click below to read a comprehensive travel guide on Malapascua including how to get there, what to do.. Southeast Asia, sometimes referred to as Indochina or Indo-China, is a collection of related but dissimilar states squeezed between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The area has long been a favorite corner of the world for globe-tramping backpackers, well-known for its perfect beaches, tasty cuisine, friendly hospitable locals, low prices, and good air connections. The main international gateways to Southeast Asia are Bangkok (BKK IATA), Singapore (SIN IATA), Kuala Lumpur (KUL IATA), and Jakarta (CGK IATA). Other airports with good connections outside the region include Manila (MNL IATA), Denpasar (DPS IATA), Phuket (HKT IATA), Ho Chi Minh City (SGN IATA) and Hanoi (HAN IATA). Hong Kong also makes a good springboard into the region, with many low-cost carriers flying into Southeast Asian destinations.

Globe of Southeast Asia with national borders. Travel - Philippines. Full sized hand drawings on white. View of the building of the Shwezigon pagoda in Bagan, Myanmar Southeast Asian history is very diverse and often tumultuous, and has to an important extent been shaped by European colonialism. The very term Southeast Asia was invented by American Naval strategists around 1940. Southeast Asia was prior to WWII referred to with reference to the colonial powers; farther India for Burma and Thailand, with reference to the main British colony of India, although Thailand was never formally colonized; Indochina referred to the French colonies of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, while Indonesia and parts of maritime Southeast Asia was referred to as the Dutch East Indies. Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore were known as British Malaya, while Sabah was known as British North Borneo. Sarawak, on the other hand was known as the Kingdom of Sarawak and ruled by a British family known as the White Rajahs. Brunei was also made into a British protectorate, with the British taking charge of its defence and foreign affairs. The Philippines was named the Spanish East Indies during the initial period of Spanish colonial rule, and later came to be known by its current name in honour of King Philip II of Spain, a name which stuck even after the islands were transferred from Spanish to American colonial rule. East Timor was colonized by Portugal for 273 years, then occupied by Indonesia for 27 years before becoming the first nation to gain independence in the 21st century. Much like Cambodia, landlocked Laos is still recovering from wars in the past; poverty and unexploded ordinance are still pervasive. Although there aren't any beaches or islands, travelers to Laos get to enjoy gorgeous mountain views, plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure, and remnants of French influence along the Mekong River.

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  1. Wow Ian, that’s some big hope for me there! I’ll be in India and Nepal from 6 Jan to Feb 16 and then starting the Southeast Asia route. Wasn’t quite sure on how many months to stay but if one can do the same as you, I’ll just stay in paradise for longer 🙂
  2. Sightseeing travelers ranked first. Sightseeing was still most tourists' motive of travelling to China. The next largest group was who came to China for business or meeting
  3. Nevertheless, it was a excellent article! I hope that you don’t take offence with my overzealous patriotic remarks, do continue to post on your travels!
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Not yet mutated by mass tourism, Burma is still building up an infrastructure, but now travelers can use ATMs and get internet access.Bali is the closest earth gets to paradise. Exchange the madness of Kuta for the peaceful rice paddies of Ubud. Canggu has excellent surf. The northern beach town of Amed is a quieter option. There are dozens of cities with a population of more than a million in Southeast Asia, and many of these have impressive cityscapes. The main modern city of the region is Singapore, whose Marina Bay area has a particularly recognizable skyline. The other main cities also have a large number of skyscrapers and office towers, notably Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Bangkok, and Ho Chi Minh City. The administrative capital of Malaysia, Putrajaya, is a planned city with a surreal mix of modernity and tradition.

great post, very useful thanks. i never went to the adamant coast only the gulf coast of thailand and didn’t find it too expensive other than diving or a heavy nights drinking. my top tip is stick to drinking buckets when out or buy bottles of sangsom from the 7/11 and use it to make some new buddy in your hostel before you go out. always a winner.In recent years, Southeast Asia is acknowledged as having a relatively high rate of economic growth, with Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines often being called the "New Asian Tigers", and Vietnam also recording double digit growth rates in recent years. Nevertheless, despite being one of the most resource rich regions in the world (all Southeast Asian countries except Singapore are considered to be resource rich), widespread corruption means that poverty is still an issue in many countries, which much of the wealth concentrated in the hands of a few elite. Yeah it’s a protected park with entry fees. If your budget is tight you could maybe go for a 1-day pass. There are also various smaller Khmer temples around the region that are free or cheap (and have waaay fewer tourists 🙂 )Every Southeast Asian country has its own currency except for East Timor. The US dollar is the official currency of East Timor, the unofficial currency of Cambodia and Laos, and (for larger payments) is widely accepted in some Southeast Asian cities. Euros are also widely accepted in the major cities, although rates are rarely as good as for dollars. Thai baht are widely accepted in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. As Singapore is considered to be the main financial centre of Southeast Asia, Singapore dollars would generally be accepted in major tourist areas if you're in a pinch (and are legal tender in Brunei), though the conversion rate might not be very favourable. Exchange rates for Southeast Asian currencies tend to be very poor outside the region, so it's best to exchange (or use the ATM) only after arrival. Alternatively, Singapore and Hong Kong have many money changers who offer competitive rates for Southeast Asian currencies, so you might plan to spend a night or two in transit for you to get your money changed. We then are going to go by plane to Chiang Mai, and then do Thailand, (maybe Indonesia), Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Violent crime is a rarity in Southeast Asia, but opportunistic theft is more common. Watch out for pickpockets in crowded areas and keep a close eye on your bags when traveling, particularly on overnight buses and trains. There are multiple Islamist and jihadist groups in southeast Asia, such as Jemaah Islamiyah in Thailand, Mujahedeen KOMPAK,Laskar Jihad in Indonesia and Abu Sayyaf in the Phillipines. What Is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)? Squabbles over trade routes and fishing rights in the South China sea have undermined ASEAN's global influence and have been.. Singapore — Kuala Lumpur — Cameron Highlands — Penang — Langkawi — Krabi — Koh Phangan and Koh Tao — BangkokHey Abby. Yeah you should be able to stay in private rooms most or even all of the time. You can get budget rooms for $15-$20 a night in most places (with perhaps the exception of the most touristy parts of coastal Thailand). They won’t be luxurious at that price but they’ll be clean and good. Maybe take a look on Booking.com or Agoda.com to get a sense of what you’ll get in that price range. You don’t need to be a backpacker or stay in hostels to travel cheaply in Asia.

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Our first stop in Thailand is Krabi and the Phi Phi islands — often called the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. On the other side of the peninsula, the islands of Koh Samui, Ko Phangan and Koh Tao offer resorts, full moon parties and diving respectively. When you’ve had your fill of relaxing and revelling, it’s time to make the trip north to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. European colonialism came to an end in Southeast Asia in 1984, when Brunei was granted full independence by the British. Indonesia occupied East Timor in 1975 after it declared independence from the Portuguese following a coup in Portugal, and only left in 1999 following a United Nations referendum. East Timor was then occupied by a United Nations peacekeeping force, before finally becoming independent in 2002. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was devastating to parts of the Indonesian island of Sumatra (especially Aceh, which lost well over 100,000 people to the roiling waters), Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia. However, religious minorities exist in every country. The ethnic Chinese minorities in the various countries practice a mix of different religions, including Taoism and Mahayana Buddhism. Hinduism is still observed in parts of Indonesia, most notably Bali, as well as by the Cham community in Vietnam, and a sizeable proportion of the ethnic Indian communities in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar. The southern parts of Thailand and the Sulu Archipelago of the southern Philippines are home to ethnic Malays who mostly practice Islam, and the Philippine island of Mindanao is also home to a sizable Muslim community. Christian minorities also exist in Indonesia, most notably in Papua, East Nusa Tenggara and North Sulawesi, as well as in East Malaysia, and in the border area of Thailand and Myanmar. Animistic tribal religions are also practised, especially by some of the people living in remote jungle or mountainous areas. Singapore is an ultra-modern city-state, where prices can be a shock for travellers coming from Indonesia or Malaysia. A dorm bed averages at $24 a night, which can be a whole day’s worth of budget elsewhere. At least the excellent metro gets you just about everywhere for a few bucks, and cheap and delicious food is available at big food courts called Hawker Centers. Luckily, there are a number of things to do in Singapore on a budget. Alcohol is taxed heavily so you may wish to avoid a big night out.

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  1. istration in Singapore, and a common second language in the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. In areas popular among tourists in the region such as Bali, Phuket and Luang Prabang, English is widely spoken by people working in the tourism industry, although with various degrees of proficiency. Business people who deal with international clients generally speak a decent level of English.
  2. Southeast Asian cuisine reflects the countries' diverse history and culture. It can be roughly split into continental Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar) and maritime (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, East Timor), and even then still differs considerably from area to area depending on cultural influences. The Philippines' food culture is the most varied due to their additional influences from Spain and America.
  3. Throughout the region, there are museums commemorating specific events in the regional and local history. This includes for example the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City on the Vietnam War, the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh on the Cambodian genocide, the Aceh Tsunami Museum in Banda Aceh, Indonesia on the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that killed about 250,000 people (more than half of them in Aceh), and the Resistance Museum in Dili on the East Timorese struggle for independence.
  4. Travelers to Malaysia get to enjoy Malay, Chinese, and Indian culture (among many others) all in one place. You'll never run out of tempting food options to try in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, a world-famous food destination. Opportunities to experience different festivals for the many ethnic and religious groups are plenty.
  5. The countries all have a rainy season which is usually a less ideal time to visit. Luckily the rainy season is different in different parts of the region. You could start with Indonesia and Malaysia (dry season in September) then do the other countries where the weather improves in Oct/Nov.


Myanmar is a bit of an odd duck in this list, as its accommodation costs are high relative to everything else. There is a reason for this: under the old pre-2012 regime Myanmar received very few visitors, so the country has historically had few hotels. High demand and a limited selection kept prices up. While many brand new hotels and hostels have opened in recent years—making things easier for budget travelers—accommodation costs do remain relatively high.Most of Southeast Asia's major languages are not mutually intelligible. English is a traveller's most useful language overall, although for longer stays in any Southeast Asian country (except Singapore and the Philippines), picking up at least some of the local language is useful, and essential outside the cities. There are also many Chinese in the area, although many Southeast Asian Chinese speak only southern languages like Cantonese or Minnan, and not Mandarin.

After the war, the decolonisation process started in Southeast Asia, with the Americans granting independence to the Philippines in 1946, while the British granted independence to Burma in 1948, followed by Malaya in 1957 and eventually Singapore, Sarawak and North Borneo in 1963, which federated with Malaya to form Malaysia. After some ideological conflicts, Singapore was expelled from Malaysia in 1965 and became a sovereign state. On the other hand, the Dutch and the French fought bloody wars in an effort to hold on to their colonies, most of which ended in humiliating defeats for the European colonial powers, eventually leading to the Indonesia gaining independence from the Dutch in 1949, and Indochina from the French, which became the three separate countries of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in 1954. European colonialism came to an end in Southeast Asia in 1984, when Brunei was granted full independence by the British. Indonesia occupied East Timor in 1975 after it declared independence from the Portuguese following a coup in Portugal, and only left in 1999 following a United Nations referendum. East Timor was then occupied by a United Nations peacekeeping force, before finally becoming independent in 2002. No worries mate, all good! Just a quick question regarding visa’s to the different countries, is there anything we should be aware of or is it very easy to get it once you cross the border?The tiny country of Brunei separates the Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah on the island of Borneo. A bit of an anomaly, Brunei is rich and beautiful yet receives very little tourism. Visit tropical Southeast Asia during its best season. Being nicknamed the cleanest place in Asia doesn't come cheap, but splurging in Singapore is well worth the accompanying price tag Quick question on money – can we withdraw USD in Thialand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia? We’re actually from the UK but sterling isn’t looking great for next few months so thinking of loading all our budget onto pre-paid dollar cards!

Do you wish you could travel more — but can never find the time or money? Or are you planning a trip but feeling overwhelmed by the whole process? Then don't worry, because my step-by-step guide to budget and adventure travel will help you out...With the exception of Singapore, public transport networks in Southeast Asia tend to be underdeveloped. However, due to reckless driving habits, driving is also usually not for the faint-hearted. Most of the time, plane, bus or rail travel tends to be the best way to get around. Note: For now, East Timor isn't yet considered a tourism destination in Southeast Asia. But that will definitely change soon as recovery of the beautiful country continues.Botanical gardens are plentiful throughout the region. The most extensive and well-known among them include the Botanic Gardens in Singapore's North and West district, the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden near Pattaya in Thailand, and the Botanical Gardens of Bogor in Indonesia. Instagram's impact on Southeast Asia differs somewhat from what is happening in other parts of the world. The region's inexpensive yet exotic destinations have always been popular among tourists..

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There are also some variations just moving between different cities in the same country. Check out Venture Cost for a quick comparison of travel costs in different cities across Southeast Asia and beyond.Clothes and accessories of international brands are usually just as expensive as in developed countries, or even more expensive. Branded products that seem considerably cheaper (such as Polo Ralph Lauren shirts in Indonesia) are typically counterfeit, even when they are not sold in the streets but in a legit-looking shop or air-conditioned shopping mall. If you need a good compromise between low price of street sold items and the quality of branded products, look for stores of domestic brands such as Malaysia's F.O.S or Philippines' Bench. Getting around continental Southeast Asia as well as intra-island travel in the various islands of Southeast Asia by car is possible, but definitely not for the faint hearted. While you can drive yourself around Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei without any major problems after giving yourself some time to get used to the relative lack of road courtesy, traffic conditions elsewhere range from just bad to total chaos. As such, it is advisable to rent a car with a driver, and not try to drive yourself around. Note that we have allowed for a greater budget in Indonesia than in most of mainland SEA due to the cost of getting between the islands. Food and hostel prices are comparable to other cheaper countries. If you stay primarily in one part of Indonesia, you should be able to get by on less.

On the assumption you are looking to save that much each there’s no reason why you can’t do what you are planning. India is probably the cheapest of all those countries now, so it wouldn’t be a huge cost factor. You could fly into somewhere like Delhi or Mumbai and then work your way round to Calcutta perhaps which is well connected to SE Asia.For at least two thousand years (and to this day), Southeast Asia has been a conduit for trade between India and China, but large-scale Chinese immigration only began with the advent of the colonial era. In Singapore, the Chinese form a majority of the population, but there are substantial Chinese minorities, assimilated to varying degrees, across all countries in the region.

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What are your Southeast Asia Travel Essentials? For more Southeast Asia packing list ideas I hope you like this post on my top 9 Southeast Asia Travel Essentials. Please share it with your.. Lots of Western influence, including plenty of Spanish and American, is apparent in the Philippines, however, the people have adopted their own unique and enjoyable blends of food, language dialects, and culture. tourism in Southeast Asia has experienced a stronger focus on development aspects, both within academia and in practice. Researching tourism in the developing world It’s hard to say without knowing anything about your personal goals/interests! Maybe read this Thailand itinerary which is pretty standard. There are also some Laos routes here.

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The key river of Southeast Asia, often called the lifeblood of the Indochina region, is the Mekong, that flows from China towards the South China Sea, passing five Southeast Asian countries on its way: Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam (the Mekong Delta). In Cambodia, the Mekong creates the unique ecological phenomenon of the Tonle Sap lake. Also in Cambodia, around the town of Kratie, river dolphins can be found. The second-longest river of the region is the Salween, flowing mostly in Myanmar. An interesting river is the subterranean river of Puerto Princesa in the Philippines, with 8 km in length possibly the longest underground river in the world. Apart from Tonle Sap, other large lakes in the region include the densely populated Inle Lake of Myanmar, and Indonesia's Lake Toba, that is actually a huge volcano crater. In several places in Southeast Asia, rivers and lakes are used for floating markets or villages, with famous examples including the floating villages surrounding Siem Reap (Cambodia), and the floating markets of Thailand including Damnoen Saduak and of Indonesia including Banjarmasin. Travelers to Burma can see thousands of temples, surreal landscapes, and walk through the world's largest book! Burma is arguably the most Buddhist country in Southeast Asia. Please find below travel films about Southeast Asia which have previously been featured on Travelfish. There are a lot of them, so use the Film list link at right to drop to the bottom of the page..

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Getting vaccinations for Southeast Asia is something you should do at least a month Disclaimer: It's very important to visit a travel medical clinic in your home country before you fly to Southeast Asia Much of Southeast Asia is now covered by a dense web of discount carriers, making this a fast and affordable way of getting around. Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are the main hubs for discount airlines in the area. The larger multinational discount airlines and most national carriers are respectable, but some of the smaller airlines have questionable safety records, especially on domestic flights using older planes — do some research before you buy. Ever since this epic trip, I’ve been going back to Southeast Asia nearly every year. It’s just such good value and the region is brimming with amazing places to visit.

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We’ve quoted $2400 on this page as a shoestring budget for 3 months but it really depends on the individual. Many backpackers, particularly first-time travellers spend at least double this. Even though SE Asia is cheap, costs can still mount up if you are doing a lot of partying and extra activities.Southeast Asia is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, and for a reason: a tropical climate, warm (or hot!) all year around, rich culture, gorgeous beaches, wonderful food and last but not least, low prices. While its history and modern-day politics are complex, most of it is also quite safe for the traveller and easy to travel around in. Explore the world's longest underground river the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park in Palawan also in the Philippines. See more ideas about Asia travel, Southeast asia and Travel. Find this Pin and more on Southeast Asia Travel Guide by vickeygernes The Philippines is spread over more than 7,000 islands and is the largest Christian country in Southeast Asia. It's actually the third-largest Catholic nation in the world. The Catholic inclinations give the Philippinies a completely different vibe than neighboring countries.

As with Malaysia, adventure tours can be more pricey compared to Vietnam, Thailand, or Cambodia. For instance, a 3-day tour of the Bromo and Ijen volcanos on Java will cost about $130 once you’ve factored in all the add-ons you need to buy (extra fees for a jeep ride, guide, etc.). A multi-day boat trip from Lombok to Labuan Bajo costs about $140. It’s well worth it, but it’s just a relatively larger expense than, say, the slow boat in Laos or boat trips to Ha Long Bay. Your great Southeast Asian adventure starts here! These are the visa requirements by country in Southeast Asia: Thailand: visa exempt for up to 30 days In Vietnam, money leaves your wallet at a syrupy slow rate. Despite a booming economy as of late, Vietnam’s currency against the USD and EUR remains very favorable. Vietnam might just be the cheapest country in Southeast Asia right now.Southeast Asia is a shopping haven, with both high end branded goods and dirt cheap street goods. The most popular city for shopping in Southeast Asia is Bangkok, although Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore all have extensive arrays of exclusive shopping malls stocked with haute couture labels. On the other end of the spectrum, street markets remain a part of daily life (except in Singapore) and are the place to go for dirt cheap or counterfeit items. Some towns like Chiang Mai in Thailand and Ubud in Bali, Indonesia are well known for enormous markets selling traditional artworks, and it's often possible to buy directly from local artists or have dresses, jewellery, furniture, etc., made to order. Traveling in Southeast Asia can be complicated visa-wise. Every country has its own rules and it Traveling solo in Southeast Asia is super easy, but also pretty safe. Except for that one time I got..

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When budgeting for the Philippines, there are some things to keep in mind. First, accommodation prices are definitely on the higher end for Southeast Asia. Second, since the Philippines is such a huge collection of islands, it’s not always possible to travel cheaply overland. Ferries between the islands may be impractically slow, so you often have to fly. AirAsia, Cebu Airlines, Zest Air, and other airlines do offer domestic flights at budget prices.Three months is probably about the typical length for a backpacking trip across those countries. You wouldn’t be able to visit every single possible destination but it gives you sufficient time to cover the distance without feeling particularly rushed.Suggested Backpacker Budget: it depends hugely. If you’re just transiting through you can keep it to $40–50 a day, but a lot of sightseeing, going out, or restaurant food can push this to $50–90.However, in Indochina (north/central Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar), the seasons can be broken down into hot, wet and dry, with the relatively cool dry season from November to February or so being the most popular with tourists. The scorching hot season that follows can see temperatures climb above 40°C in April, cooling down as the rains start around July. However, even in the "wet" season, the typical pattern is sunny mornings with a short (but torrential) shower in the afternoon, not all-day drizzle, so this alone should not discourage you from travel. The ancient ruins of Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples are one of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in all of Southeast Asia. Millions of visitors travel to Siem Reap to see the ruins, however, the rest of the country is well worth exploring.

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  1. International ferry links are surprisingly limited, but it's possible to cross over from Malaysia to Sumatra (Indonesia) and from Singapore to the Riau Islands (Indonesia) and Johor (Malaysia). Star Cruises [4] also operates a fleet of cruise ferries between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, occasionally venturing as far as Cambodia, Vietnam and even Hong Kong.
  2. Southeast Asia is cheap, so much so that it is among the cheapest travel destinations on the planet. US$20 is a perfectly serviceable daily backpacker budget in most countries in the region, while the savvy traveler can eat well, drink a lot and stay in five-star hotels for US$100/day.
  3. This two-month trip comes complete with tropical islands, world-class diving, tea fields and interesting culture. Start by flying into the city state of Singapore: a highly developed English-speaking country with extensive international connections. Read our Singapore travel guide for what to do and where to stay. You’ll definitely want to see the Gardens by the Bay where Singapore’s super trees are.
  4. We’re Charlie and Luke — UK travel bloggers and eco-conscious backpackers. We travel slow and write about sustainable travel. We want to make responsible travel choices and help you do the same. Read more about us.

Generally speaking the traveller trail in Southeast Asia is perfectly safe, but there are low-level insurgencies in the remote areas of Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and East Timor. Southeast Asia is tropical: the weather hovers around the 30°C mark throughout the year, humidity is high and it rains often. A meal from a street vendor or local restaurant should cost around $2 to $6 pretty much anywhere. Many activities are priced in the $10–20 range. For instance, half a day of cooking classes in Chiang Mai might cost you $20. Visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok costs about $13. In northern Thailand, a day of caving or trekking with a guide will set you back somewhere around $20 as well. Southeast Asia Singapore Map Vintage Retro Travel Classic Canvas Paintings Kraft Posters Wall Stickers Home Decor Family Gift Humans moved from Southeast Asia onto this landmass, some settling in what is now New Guinea, others traveling farther south into Australia. They kept to the coastlines until they reached southern..

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From 1619 to Indonesian independence, the capital of the Dutch East Indies was Batavia (present-day Jakarta). A huge number of colonial remnants can therefore be found in the city, ranging from the Batavia City Hall (built 1707-1710, now the Jakarta History Museum) in West Jakarta to the Neo-Gothic Jakarta Cathedral (built 1891-1901) in Central Jakarta. Also throughout the rest of the Indonesian archipelago, virtually every city and town has sights from the colonial time, such as the 17th-century Fort Rotterdam in Makassar, the 18th-century Fort Vredeburg in Yogyakarta, and many early 20th-century Art Deco masterpieces in Bandung. In the early 19th century, the Great Post Road was constructed across Java, enabling quick trade and development of the entire island. South East Asia Travel. Beware of Southeast Asia - once it has worked its charm on you, you may never leave. Smiling, welcoming people are synonymous with Southeast Asia World War II was disastrous to Southeast Asia (see Pacific War for a detailed guide), and also saw the beginning of the end of European colonialism, as the European powers surrendered to Japan one by one in disgrace. By the end of 1942, the Japanese had conquered virtually the whole of Southeast Asia, with only Thailand remaining unconquered, as the Thais signed a treaty of friendship with the Japanese which allowed the Japanese to establish military bases in Thailand, and allowed Japanese troops free passage through Thailand. The Japanese occupation was a time of great hardship for many of the natives, as the Japanese took all the resources for themselves, and exploited and in many cases outright enslaved the locals for their own gain. They were also for the most part more brutal than the Western colonial powers to the people under occupation, especially towards the ethnic Chinese. However, the Japanese occupation convinced many locals that the European powers were not invincible after all, and thereby had the effect of helping the independence movements to gain pace after the end of the war. Are these prices just for one country or are you including traveling through other countries for $1000? I am a bit confused.We have around £9,000 to spend, and want to go for around 5 months. This figure is for; Accomodation (preferably private room) Internal transport Food & drink Trips

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Geological formations and landscapes of interest are plenty in Southeast Asia. Prime examples include the karsts of Vang Vieng in Laos, the chocolate hills of Bohol in the Philippines, and the caves and grottos of Phong Nha-Ke Bang in Vietnam. Interesting coastal and marine landscapes include the limestone rock formations of Ao Phang Nga in Thailand, and ocean karsts at Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and Raja Ampat in Indonesia. More information on spectacular beaches (including for surfing) and underwater life (for diving and snorkelling) can be found in the Do section below. For somewhat cheaper and more laidback islands, go to Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, Koh Chang, Koh Tao (for the most part), and many others.

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Southeast Asia is a popular destination for round the world cruises, and many of them make several stops in Southeast Asia with the option to go for shore excursions. Popular ports of call include Singapore, Langkawi, Penang, Tioman, Redang, Phuket, Nha Trang, Ha Long Bay, Ho Chi Minh City and Ko Samui. In addition, Star Cruises also operates cruises from Hong Kong and Taiwan to various destinations in Southeast Asia. Your plane ticket is likely your biggest pre-trip expense, so it’s also where you can potentially make the greatest savings. Be sure to read my tips on how to find cheap flights and set some price alerts on a flight search engine. The most common airports to fly into are Bangkok and Singapore, which tend to have cheaper international connections. Other entry points to consider are Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.Fully updated for 2019-2020, our Southeast Asia backpackers handbook should provide the ideal starting point for anyone planning a trip to SEA. It includes more detailed info on budgeting for a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia with tips for sticking to a shoestring budget.Hey Ruth! The region has a very good reputation for safety, and many countries actually have lower crime rates than the US. It’s a common sight to see solo women travelers in SEA and most people consider SEA to be pretty low-stress. If it’s your first-time do check your travel guide for safety tips though, it’s a very big region and there can be minor things to be aware of sometimes, but broadly speaking it’s very safe to go and to do it solo. 🙂Superb article, in fact your comprehensive reviews and helpful tips have inspired to to undertake a backpacking trip around my own backyard of Southeast Asia at the end of the year.

Aside from East Timor, the other ten nations listed above are members of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Fruit is available everywhere in all shapes and sizes. Mangoes are a firm favorite among travellers. The giant spiky durian, perhaps the only unifying factor between South-East Asia's countries, is infamous for its pungent smell and has been likened to eating garlic ice cream next to an open sewer.

Does the idea of travelling around Southeast Asia for two months sound a bit daunting? I felt the same when I came to plan my own itinerary, especially as I knew I would be backpacking on a.. Hi! I love this post! My boyfriend and I are looking to go to Asia for at least a year and see everything, we are looking at either house sitting, backpacking and pitching a tent, or work trade, which one would you recommend for a couple looking to see as much as possible but also save as much as possible? Mahalo!Southeast Asia's culture is dominantly influenced by the Indians and Chinese as well as its colonizers, and also natives of the Malay archipelago. For at least 2000 years (and to this day), Southeast Asia has acted as a conduit for trade between India and China. Large-scale immigration, however, only began with the advent of the colonial era. In Singapore, the Chinese form a majority of the population, but there are substantial Chinese, Indian and other minorities, assimilated to varying degrees, across all countries in the region.

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Massive Indonesia has the world's fourth-largest population spread across an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands! When I say Southeast Asia, I'm talking specifically about Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Meanwhile, in the core four, and with this Southeast Asia itinerary, you can travel freely without..

There are local means of transport based on converting a motorcycle, truck, van or even bicycle to haul passengers. These include jeepneys and traysikels in the Philippines, songthaews and tuk-tuks in Thailand, and similar vehicles elsewhere. Unmodified motorcycles also provide taxi services in various places. All these modes of transport are generally cheap and rather colorful, but somewhat uncomfortable and perhaps dangerous. The average above does hide some significant outliers. Koh Phi Phi takes the cake with basic twin rooms normally costing $50–80 and many dorm beds exceeding $20/night. Arguably this island is a victim of its own success and not the best island to go anymore. On Koh Phangan, prices will easily triple on or around the date of the Full Moon Party, rising to at least about $15 for dorms or $40 for rooms, though some dorms near the Full Moon beach may cost as much as $40/night.

Tiny Singapore is a city, country, and island all at the same time. Despite the size, the nation thrives and has one of the strongest economies in the world, even boasting the highest number of millionaires per capita. Singapore is also infamous among budget travelers as being one of the most expensive destinations to visit in Southeast Asia. Fortunately, eating in Singapore is still inexpensive.Brunei is the most observant Islamic country in Southeast Asia. While typically just a stopover for people passing between states in Malaysian Borneo, Brunei is friendly and beautiful enough to be a worthwhile destination. Southeast Asia is a group of diverse tropical countries between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, featuring cultures influenced by both India and China and hosting large communities of Overseas Chinese Visitors with an interest in military history can find many remnants from the Pacific War and the Indochina Wars. The other languages of the former colonial countries are generally not spoken so widely anymore or at all. You may notice English words in Malay, Dutch words in Indonesian and Spanish words in Tagalog (Philippines).

Rapidly expanding AirAsia flies out of its Kuala Lumpur hub and getting from one South East Asian city to another is often as easy as booking two separate AirAsia tickets and transiting through their Kuala Lumpur hub. AirAsia also operates secondary hubs in Bangkok and Jakarta. In addition, budget flights can be booked through the Jetstar and Tiger Airways hub in Singapore so always consider this as another option. Every Southeast Asian country has its own currency. The US dollar is the official currency of East Timor, the unofficial currency of Cambodia and Laos, and (for larger payments) is widely accepted in some Southeast Asian cities. Euros are also widely accepted in the major cities, although rates are rarely as good as for dollars. Thai baht are widely accepted in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. As Singapore is considered to be the main financial centre of Southeast Asia, Singapore dollars would generally be accepted in major tourist areas if you're in a pinch (and are legal tender in Brunei), though the conversion rate might not be very favourable. Exchange rates for Southeast Asian currencies tend to be very poor outside the region, so it's best to exchange (or use the ATM) only after arrival. Alternatively, Singapore and Hong Kong have many money changers who offer competitive rates for Southeast Asian currencies, so you might plan to spend a night or two in transit for you to get your money changed. The Joint Commission International accredits hospitals internationally based on U.S. standards; though you will be paying a premium for these hospitals, you can ensure that the care and treatment you receive will be aligned to Western standards.

Angkor WatTemples of Angkor (Cambodia)SingaporeSingapore FoodChiang MaiChiang Mai (Thailand)SabahMalaysian BorneoHoi AnHoi An (Vietnam)BangkokBangkok (Thailand)BaganBagan (Myanmar)PalawanPalawan (Philippines)Luang PrabangLuang Prabang (Laos)YangonYangon (Myanmar)Halong BayHalong Bay (Vietnam)Gili IslandsGili Islands (Indonesia)George TownPenang (Malaysia)BaliBali (Indonesia)Si Phan DonSi Phan Don (Laos)BatadIfugao Rice Terraces (Philippines)Phnom PenhPhnom Penh (Cambodia)KomodoKomodo & Flores (Indonesia)AtaúroAtaúro Island (Timor-Leste)Phong Nha-Ke Bang National ParkPhong Nha-Ke Bang National Park (Vietnam)Experience Southeast AsiaDay toursClassic Southeast Asia Travel Guide: information of attractions, weather, food, transport about Vienam, Burma Between them, these countries count some of Southeast Asia's most splendid architectural.. Terrorists in Indonesia have bombed several hotels and nightclubs frequented by foreigners in Bali and Jakarta, most recently the Marriott and Ritz Carlton in July 2009. Thailand's southernmost states, especially in the border region with Malaysia have also been the scene of violence in recent years, and while tourists have not been specifically targeted, there have been several attacks on trains and three foreigners were killed in bombings in Hat Yai in 2006. The gradually gentrifying backpacker district of Khao San still has some ultra-cheap dives ($5–8), but for a bed in a modern and reputable hostel with full amenities, the cost averages at about $12.50 a night. Thanks to ubiquitous street food, an efficient metro system, and cheap tuk-tuks, your overall budget for Bangkok won’t need to be high.Before the arrival of European invaders and colonists, Southeast Asia was home to several powerful kingdoms. Some of the more notable ones were the Funan and the Khmer Empire in northern Southeast Asia, as well as the Srivijaya, the Majapahit Kingdom and the Melaka Sultanate in the Malay Archipelago.

Hi Camilo. Yeah it can be done. The big thing is definitely Europe – house sitting will help there. If I got the numbers right you’ve got $1.4k per person per month which might be a bit low for Europe, but it’s more than you may need in e.g. Southeast Asia. See if you can manage to spend about $2k between the two of you maximum in Asia so you’ll be saving up a bit for when things get more expensive in Europe. In short, yeah I think you can absolutely do it with that amount of savings, especially given that you are open to budget accommodation. 🙂 Tailor-Made Holidays Southeast Asia. From the karst-studded bay of Halong to the tropical beaches More information on travelling through Southeast Asia from when to go and what visas you'll need.. Most countries in Southeast Asia have impressive mountain ranges. The highest mountains of the region (more than 5,000 m) can be found in the eastern end of the Himalayas in Northern Myanmar, but almost equally high are the mountains of the Lorentz National Park of Indonesia's Papua province, known for their equatorial glaciers. Another high mountain (almost 4,100 m), that is easier to reach and therefore popular for climbing, is Mount Kinabalu in the Malaysian part of Borneo. As Southeast Asia is on the Ring of Fire of the Pacific Ocean, there is a large number of (active) volcanoes, mainly in Indonesia and the Philippines. The highest volcano of the Philippines is Mount Apo. The Indonesian archipelago has more than 100 active volcanoes, with the most active one being Mount Merapi (most recent eruption in 2010), and the most popular tourist destination being Mount Bromo.

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With the exception of Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand public transportation networks in Southeast Asia tend to be underdeveloped. However, due to reckless driving habits, driving is also usually not for the faint hearted. Most of the time, plane, bus or rail travel tends to be the best way of getting around. Search for: Backpacking Budget for Southeast Asia Posted on January 9, 2019May 14, 2020 by myfunkytravel This page aims to give you a rough idea of what a typical shoestring backpacking budget for Southeast Asia might be. It also includes a slightly more relaxed budget for each of the 9 main countries, which is perhaps more realistic for travellers in the region these days. Feel free to use the comments section at the bottom for any questions!Just found some really good info about this on Tigit motorbikes website so if you like you may ignore my previous comment 🙂 Thanks Marek. Browse the best tours in South East Asia with 36,839 reviews visiting places like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. All Major Brands. Biggest selection Thailand has the most extensive network, with relatively frequent and economical (albeit slow, compared to most buses) and generally reliable services. The main lines from Bangkok are north to Chiang Mai; north-east via Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat) to Nong Khai and also east to Ubon Ratchathani; east via Chachoengsao to Aranyaprathet and also south-east via Pattaya to Sattahip; and south via Surat Thani (province) to Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Tao and Hat Yai, through Malaysia via Butterworth, Kuala Lumpur, and Johor Bahru, to Singapore.

I can’t help but feel as if Singapore is being regarded as a third world country simply because of its geographical location. Singapore IS part of the developed world, in fact the most recent survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) continues to place Singapore as the most expensive city in the world to live in. Singapore’s GDP also trumps most countries within the Western Europe as well as the Americas. Southeast Asia travel promises shed loads. Check out our travel guides, tours, flights and hotels for Thailand The most backpacked country of southeast Asia, Thailand has something for everyone Travel the coast from Hue to Nha Trang by bike, bus, and boat. As seen On. Destinations. Southeast Asia. 75 tours in 11 countries Read about our Southeast Asia travel experiences and let them inspire you to visit the most Welcome to the second Travel Begins at 40 Podcast - Cambodia Travel Tales Past and Future

As for backpacking and pitching a tent, it’s certainly an option in some areas but you can find budget double rooms for less than $10 across the region so I’m not sure how much of an advantage that would be unless you’re on a really, really tight budget. I think most budget travellers in SEA just opt for a cheap hostel with kitchen/shower facilities rather than camping out in the wild and having to deal with the hassles that brings not to mention being exposed to mosquitoes and all the elements which over the course of a year will include everything from extreme heat to monsoons.Entry fees to museums and national parks are rarely more than a dollar or two. If you wish to save on their meals will find that Vietnam is a street food paradise; just grab a little plastic chair at a roadside eatery for some delicious pho noodles (about $1 per bowl) or some passable local ‘fresh beer’ (about $0.20 per cup).Cross into Laos via Chiang Rai and Huay Xai. At Huay Xai, you can arrange the Gibbon Experience; a pricey but once-in-a-lifetime stay in the rainforest.

Southeast Asia Countries to Travel. Where to Go? Written by. Vietnam is a favorite for many travelers in Southeast Asia, both for the unique atmosphere and unmistakable difference in culture.. I am from the U.S. and am traveling with my partner next fall after we graduate this may. I have traveled through Europe for a month (mainly in Italy) on about a $100 a day budget and did just fine. If both my partner and I save around $4,000 not including air fare and travel for 2-2.5 months in SE Asia would we be able to afford private rooms more frequently and also more tours? (we are not nessacarily backpackers and haven’t traveled out of the country without parents except once for each of us) Also is September-November a good time to travel to this area? We would probably want to travel to Nepal, Thailand, Mayalasia, Indonesia, Laos , and maybe VietnamHey Marek! Thank you very much for such amazing info. With my wife we will be travelling for 12 months from January 2020, we will start the trip SE where we will spend 6 months to then move to Europe and finale South America. The time in Europe will be a maximum of 3 months and the rest in South America. So far we know we will have 50k (AUD)for the the trip and it scares us a little bit to not be sure if that money will be enough or not for 12 months. We are planning to do House sitting in Europe to try to save some money in accomodation but apart from that we will Be looking for cheap cheap cheap Airbnb’s or hostels. What do you reckon about that budget for 2 ppl for 12 months. Thanks in advance for any reply back

Your biggest single expense is likely to be your entry ticket to the temple complex of Angkor Wat, which is $37 for 1 day and $62 for 3 days. Hiring a tuk-tuk to take you around the temples for a day costs around $15. Although a bulk of visitors to Indonesia only end up in Bali, the rest of the country offers beautiful islands, volcanoes, and a very diverse mix of cultures and ethnic groups.War-related sights (apart from the museums mentioned above) can be found in most of the countries in the region. In Cambodia, the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek near Phnom Penh offer a reminder of the Cambodian Genocide. In Vietnam, there are many sights related to the Vietnam War, such as the Demilitarized Zone around the former border between North and South Vietnam, and the Cu Chi tunnel system. In Indonesia, there are numerous sights related to the War of Independence, such as the Monas national monument in Central Jakarta. Next stop, with rolling tea fields as far as the eye can see, the Cameron Highlands. It’s cooler here, so it’s a good place to escape the heat of Malaysia’s cities.

From Siem Reap, you can head into Vietnam via Phnom Penh. Alternatively, you can circle back from Siem Reap to Bangkok. If you choose the Thai option (crossing the border at Paoy Paet) it’s well worth stopping at Koh Chang. This island is much less touristy than those in the south and you may get the place to yourself! Some articles may contain affiliate links or sponsored content. More info on this on the about mft page.Hey Marek, thanks heaps for the info my friend. Your website and books have been my main source of info for planning a 4 month SEA adventure 😉 Just one question. I am planning on travelling by motorcycle for much of the trip (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos) and am just wondering what the best/cheapest option will be. ie. renting for months at a time (seems to be ~ $450 odd) or just buying and then selling later on? Any thoughts on this? Thanks so much for your time Marek, really appreciate it. All the best, Hugh.In addition to natural landscapes, also many agricultural landscapes in Southeast Asia are spectacular. The key crop in most of the region is rice, with five Southeast Asian countries in the world's top 10 of rice producing countries. Some regions that are known for their stunning rice terraces include the Cordillera region of the Philippines, the region surrounding Sa Pa in Vietnam, and the Indonesian island of Bali. The cultural landscape of Bali, including the traditional subak irrigation system dating back to the 9th century, is on the World Heritage List. Other common crops in Southeast Asia include coffee, tea, rubber, sugar, tobacco, and a wide variety of tropical fruits. Famous regions with extensive tea plantations include the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, and the Puncak mountain pass area of Indonesia. Excellent information, I was thinking about visiting Cambodia and Vietnam on a shoestring budget and this just answered many of my questions. I am from India and have only been to Nepal other than India; not much acquainted with hostel accommodation. Hence I have a question: If we are two people visiting Cambodia and Vietnam,does it make much sense in booking dorm beds(Since we will have to pay for 2 beds)? It looks like booking a private basic room is a better option. Are 2 people allowed in one single private room? Not sure if I expressed myself well.

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